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Naraj premika ko manane ka wazifa

What kind of love does a person have in a young age because when you are young, you need a life partner who can play with you, after which you love him most often, such small things in life After that there is a fight with each other and you get separated, your girlfriend gets angry with you and you try many but she does not have any problem with you. You cannot tolerate this misery, because of which you suffer very much, because the pain of love is most dangerous in adulthood, this pain is more powerful than all the pain. When you bring true love to your heart, then it is your life. Becomes the most important part in you. You do not want to be away from it, if you try to overcome it, it seems your biggest enemy, but everyone The big thing is that if the faith of the beloved girlfriend is believed in each other, then the relationship runs for a long time, but when the lover's friend breaks trust in each other, then bitterness arises in life and relationships become different Because of which true love is never happy in life, therefore you should ask Allah for a stipend. Remy will work in persuasion so that your life will be happy; there is no problem in your life.

Stipend is the best medicine that is done with the true mind, if you put a stipend from Allah with a true mind, and then your impotent work becomes yours. Your beloved girlfriend comes to you and you are always bad for anything Do not believe that you promise to live with you for life, when you want to get somebody's love, if you do not get the love of it, it is very painful when you are your lover Love a true heart but if the lover or girlfriend does not love you then you have to face big trouble but you do not need to worry about it. Our maulana ji is ready to do everything possible for you. There will be no problem in life, in every way you will help you bring your lost love back to you and celebrate your sweetheart. Power short time will cause sought Allah's stipend would soon meet.

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