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Shadi todne ka wazifa,Are you troubled by your marriage in your life because we know very well that many people are not happy with their marriage? Most people are very upset after their marriage. Some problems arise because of social elements Some husband and wife Are produced due to mutual dispute in which you become so disturbed that try to break the marriage is the result of breaking the marriage by our molvi ji Is for you, he'll be available to you in every language in any field in India have Hindi know or Urdu, Telugu

No matter the language, the stipend is to give equal results for everyone, so that you can get rid of the problem of marriage in your life, and if you want to get a divorce then there will be no problem in divorce if it is for your life. Important work will help you to bring out the negative elements in your life and bring costiveness in every way when you are not happy with your married life. I try to get away from each other, I go to him life happily with him and sometimes he gets heart from any other woman, because of the reason you have to take advice, you have to face very difficult to get a divorce but our Molana ji will give full support to your divorce, there will be no problem of any kind.

Do you really want to get away from your wife in your life? Sometimes there is so much trouble in each other that husband wife commit suicide, it is better that divorce is separated from each other and separates you from yourself Life can pass, you can cure every problem when both live together so life does not pass like hell and circumstances contradicts. The love you want and the love you do not get is better than that you get divorced and get rid of all the problems which will get rid of all the problems, but a little trouble comes in life, but when you get separated, Looks like fire molana ji arranges divorce for you immediately and get yourself done.

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